Weekly Summary


First of all we were all very happy to begin blogging in the first week. We started by not knowing what topics we were going to blog about or what was going to be the aim or group of the team. We all had our  started own category. Changes concerning our blog appearances and page organisation were not consulted and we did not really discuss our topics/posts. Each of us was working independently from the others, basically worked on their own. We were just out to write about the first ideas that came to our minds. Then we divided our group into functions. Max became the group leader, Fred is the Webmaster, Saskia is our mind mapper, Jannes is responsible for all the tagging while Diana and  Myra are in charge of Weekly Reviews / Author Page Editing.

Week 9

The time has come when we have to make a sum of all our hard work into a final porfolio. But for the members of instrumentality, it is time for us to find better ways to get better grades. All of us have learnt how to work with each other, ask questions and help each other both in class and socially. Working in teams have made us open up to each other to ask and get help and this reflects in our post and porfolios. The special improvement of this week is engaging professionals. Our second task is to look for a new name for our group and we are still working on that.

 made the first post after the break. She writes about  10 steps to a social media policy and gives guides on how firms can make their own social media policy. Well to go into details, read how to deal with social media at work only on Instrumentality.

Week 7 &8

Two weeks of holidays. Time when we stayed at home and enjoyed the Christmas and New Year with our families but also had time to rest off the hard work from school. We all were present for the first class in good health and we will like to sayHAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS


Myra is hopes to talk about the music business or Hollywood industry in the coming week.

Jannes has decided to stick with the automobile industry but has not yet decided on a specific topic.

Saskia stays on her topic on social media and what firms can do prevent interference into legal issues.

Week 6

This week we started to read and to talk with our partners and external members about our post, give each other advices as well as ideas about the different topics. For instance Fred and Diana are helping each other. Jannes and Saskia working together to improve their post. Max and I (Myra) started to discuss with each other towards development of our post and deciding what we want to do next.

Working as a team, opened up the possibility to use our group force in order to develop completely new approaches and point of views. This resulted in us engaging professionals and talking about what the “Big Guys” and experts are talking about.
Evidence for this would be from Jannes post on Hyundai – A Story of Success! Where he compares Hyundai to other car manufacturing company.
And Diana’s  post about how to increase productivities and she gave several different approaches and the main one being – fighting procrastination. She callls it Climbing the mountain of Success – You can always do better! .

Or Myra’s posts  focusing on the success that will result if a classroom imitates the Apple Culture. But also, talks on some critics on the Apple Culture. Read the Apple Culture and its importance to our classrooms


‘s next post will be about the Generation Y, so be prepared for yet another interesting blog post!!

In his next post  will compare roles of people in games with modern psychology roles in the Kantor model.

´s next post will be comparing Apple and Samsung and their recent situations in the market.

will be concentrating on keys to improving personal performance and achieving goals.

As you can see, Instrumentality has many more interesting topics which will be covered in the coming days, so be sure to check back on our blog and be prepared for some more interesting blogs on topics.

Week 5

What can Teachers learn from Games? is the third post by our video-games expert . In this post he addresses questions such as How to gamify a classroom and how to set up a class? How to interact with students to improve education according to game design thinking; challenge and reward in the right way; what kinds of students in comparison to kinds of players are there? What does a teacher need to do to keep students motivated? Guideline of benefits of gamyfying the classroom.

‘s third post, named “Berlin – The Factory ” discusses the current situation in Berlin regarding start ups and introduces “The factory”, a quite ambitious co-working project.

Week 4

With his third post,  has taken quite a turn from water to “Germany’s Economic Backbone ”. This post concentrates on Germany´s small and medium sized companies which managed the crisis very well and are the backbone and motor of Germany´s economy. Although It used to be said at the beginning of the millennium that Germany´s economy is behind now, 10 years later Germany is the role model for other European economies struggling in the crisis.

In her thirs blog post,  discussed “Social media at work ” by providing two examples. She concentrated on the issue of what is allowed and what isn´t and addressed questions such as whether people can get fired because of social media or if bosses can ask for passwords.

Week 3

‘s third post “Gamification” introduces and explains this term and how it is used in marketing.
In her third post “Ins and Outs of Business Etiquette – How well do you behave?”  addresses the importance of appropriate behavior in business situations, concentrating on an intercultural context. The post provides simple rules and basic tips which will make life easier when working in an international environment.
Ngwene´s third post  “Apple- “Clean your iCloud.” Presents The fact that apple uses coal to power its cloud. Therefore Greenpeace was against apple and they were having open confrontations. Apple eventually  accepted to stop using coal and started using other sources of energy.

Week 2

´s second post “The Southeastern Anatolia Project – How two Rivers may cause a Conflict” discusses the Anatolia Water Project which had been implemented by the Turkish government in Anatolia, wanting to install damns at the rivers Euphrates and Tigris which will lead to less water for Syria and Iraq both of which highly depend on agriculture and therefore need the water. Hence the building of the damns will affect the people in these two countries. The main issues addressed in this post are: Who does the water belong to? How can future conflicts be prevented or solved?
In his second post, Frederick Rustler continued his discussion about the Samwer brothers and their business strategy. With “Blitzkrieg – How to do Business Samwer Style!” He built up on his first post “The Copycat Effect – How to do Business Samwer Style!

MaxSchlutter´s second post “When the Military and videogame developers collide” is about the Collaboration of military stuff with video game developers; usually developers of war games get consultants from military to make games more realistic, now there is a problem because some soldiers have given out information to developers which they were not allowed to give them about new technology and tactics. These soldiers were punished with a disciplinary procedure. Not just game developers get something from military, but military uses games to first condition future recruits, as well as to adapt technology to control their guns and machines.

saskiaschlegel introduced in her second post the start up “qipoqo”, a task swapping platform. She explains how it will work and which benefits she expects from this great and innovative idea.
In her post “Green Peace-True Friends of the environment!!! “, ngwene looked deeper into the organization Green peace and discusses the importance of protecting the environment and the impact of global warming. She also addresses basic questions such as what Greenpeace is and how it is helping to solve the problem.
Diana ´s second post “How to use facebook for advertising – basics of Marketing” introduces some basic principles of marketing concepts and provides a compact guide on how to use facebook as a marketing tool in the most efficient way.

Week 1

Working in the videogames Industry by . This is a post which reveals a lot of Computer literacy and extensive knowledge on the structure of the videogames industry. It opens with an establishment of fear that existed in every human who is thinking about his/her future job. Then he show  the economic power that the videogame industry possesses and the cons of the gaming industry. Using Andy Grossmans ideas of why people should not join the videogame industry as a reference point. Then, he invites other to join video gaming.
In post on Computer mediated Communication she gives the pros and cons of texting, Facebooking and twittering. This is closely followed by the advantages of CMC to both private individuals and companies~ showing how it facilitates and saves time. Then she brings up the disadvantages of CMC.
.HIV  by  which focuses on the new website that will be created to reduce the spread of HIV and to assist those who are infected. It establishes the fact that the HIV infected personas are many but those who use the internet are even more and so the big idea is create a website called .HIV so that a little of the money from other websites will go to the .HIV website. To read more the facts read this.
The Copycat Effect – How to do Business Samwer Style!  by . This is an interesting post that opens up with an appraisal of the character of Oliver Samwer who has an: ” i will die to win” spirit. Then, a brief history of Samwer is given before taking the readers directly to the main focus of the blog which is the copycat effect. Then he ends with  the relationship between Groupon and the Samwer-launched Citydeal.
Water-the quientessenz of life by  which focuses on water scarcity is a call for concern. It opens with a description of why the earth is called the “blue planet”. He goes ahead using statistics to show how water is distributed and where the water scarcity is resulting from. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on the need for and uses of water which he refers to as blue gold. Then ends by the companies and countries are raising their awareness on the need to secure their sources of water.
Nivea-The Ultimate cure !,by . The change in climatic condition and the need to use body lotions. It opens with creating awareness that the Nivea Brand is celebrating its 101 years of exitence. The history of the company, its meaning and what it stands for are developed. Also, you can see that their strategies and values are clearly established especially the fact that they are helping poor countries (Nivea/plan we care & connect). The end explains what the title means.

There are so many promises of better things to come in the coming weeks. Though not yet sure of what we wanted to write about by the end of week one.