love social media

love social media

In my previous posts about social media I have rather pointed out the negative aspects of the use of social media – aspects like getting fired (as an employee) or meeting issues with the law (as an employer). Since this post is going to be my last one, I’m going to state some positive aspects to redress the balance again. In this case I’m talking about the use of social media especially for you, as dynamic, open-minded individuals. (But please don’t be too naive and always stay a little critical, too.)

Laura B. has sent you a friend request.

It has never been easier to find friends than it is today. Especially people, who don’t like to go to several parties and those, who are too shy to directly go to others and talk to them benefit from social networks. It’s so easy to become friends there – get a friend request, confirm, done!

Furthermore social networks also help you to stay in touch with people, who you are not able to meet that often. You can communicate easily and effectively, all over the world. It’s like living next door to everyone in the world.

Take your communication to a faster level.

Time is running. And time-management is not everybody’s strong point. That’s why it’s so extremely valuable to communicate in a speedy way. Social media makes that possible. It takes just a few seconds to contact the one you want to share an impression/idea/problem with. A phone call would take so much longer, because there is that unnecessary “How are you?” “How are the kids?” “What are you doing?” and so on – you can’t just say what you want to and then hang up. So don’t make time-consuming phone calls, use your social networks!

Lovers in the time of social media

There’s no doubt you can find love with social media. It often develops from friendship. We all know that. On Facebook I found a page, called “Spotted: HWR – Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin” (that’s where I’m studying at, but it also exists for other universities).
Imagine this situation: You see this beautiful, breath-taking girl/boy in your library, but you are far too shy, to go and have a talk with her/him. Just a few hours later you will regret it, but what can you do? Your chance is gone, right? NO! You send a message to “Spotted” as if you would send the message to your crush and then they post it anonymously. Here is an example to make it a bit clearer:

spotted 2

Now it’s her part to come to the mentioned corner. I hope she did.

Maybe you would like to get some good examples of people, who have found their love online. This page presents some really interesting couples, that have met on social networks.

But social media doesn’t only help to find love, but also to stay in touch with your partner, when you’re in a long-distance relationship. I personally am in a kind of long-distance relationship and I am glad to have social media to stay in touch without costly telephone bills. You can chat, share pictures, make video calls and lots of other things that bridge the distance. Everyone in a long-distance relationship will know applications like Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp (for your mobile phone). What a great world we live in.

At the end, I recommend everyone, who has further interest in the topic of finding love online, to have a look at this Infographic, I found on