Apple Culture and its influence on our classrooms

What happens when computers becomes a compelling resource in classrooms? How does this affect learning, teaching and writting?

This were the questions that raised incessantly in my head as i woke up this morning. After reading Max’s post i realised that not only researchers and practisioners but also game developers have been working to understand what can happen in a classroom that is heavily influenced by technology. Then i thought of Apple Inc,I was wondering on what they had achieved in past years and how their problems help them grow into a better company. Apple Inc has revolutionalised education.  Their culture was incorporated into many educational systems and has influenced education positively. But to begin with;

What is the Apple Culture?

I did not know how to define Apple Culture untill i looked at Wikipedia It  includes the organisational values, beliefs and habits, as well as working symbols and systems, its organisational visions and working language.This has to do with the norms that are perculiar to Apple as a company. It is a collection of assumptions and behaviours that are perculiar to Apple Inc. For instance, one of the cultural norms initiated by Steve Jobs was the creation of the Apple Fellows Program to award the employees who contributed the most.

How can Apple Culture Improve a Classroom?

get creative

There is a move towards technological advancement in the world today. Apple is not a school or a university but they have made big steps in revolutionalizing education. According to a blogger for edudemic,  apple inspires people to be great and to do great things.

It can influence students to think differently.
Apple Inc is associated with artistry and inventiveness. According to the CNN, Apple tops the list as the most innovative companies and for three times in a row has been on the top as one of the most innovative companies. This in essence means that if teachers and students are to adopt this culture of thinking differently into a classroom setting, there will be a lot of innovation and creative thinking as said by Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT).

Apple Culture can  encourages sharing of ideas among students in a classroom.
People like Tim Cook at the head of the management do not make all the decision alone. Before becoming the CEO he acted as Chief Operating Officer in charge of sales and operations of Apple products world wide. So in the Apple company, he and other exegatives bring up the idea and share it among each other. After getting help and ideas from others they implement it and come up with a new and better idea which is a sum of all ideas. This is why Apple is considered a creative company.
Well, applying this to a classroom implies that the teachers and students bring up ideas and share them. They help each other to come up with rational but also very smart ideas at the end.

So, imagine a classroom where nobody care about what the other is doing. where the teacher  does not accept the opinion of students or students do not help each other.
So, the video expounds on the importance of introducing and using Apple Culture in a classroom setting. Students are encouraged to share ideas and can help each other and also work on projects together easily if they apply the Apple culture.

Apple Culture gives opportunity for wrong answers thereby reducing the fear of failure.
Apple has tried and failed several times over. But it does not give up. They affirm the saying that Winners never Quit. The most popular mistake or wrong of Apple as The Guardian reports, was the lost of $30 billion after the release of iPhone 5 which had a terrible map app. According to the CNNMoneyTech, Apple Maps show a wrong address to the Washington DC. Also, WeKnowMemes compares a picture of Brooklyn Bridge on Apple with that of  Nokia and the Nokia images are better and clearer. The Haaretz  also makes a complains that on Apple Maps, Israel lacks a Capital. We could also look at mistakes published by The Times which show Florida hospital replaced by a Supermarket. But despite all this mistakes and criticisms, Apple has continued to top the list of successful companies. This is because they do not give up but learn from their mistakes. This because they do not give up on innovation and creativity.
Applying this to a classroom one can see very clearly that if teachers and students are ready to work together without fear of failure, it becomes easy for everyone to overcome his or her problem. Where students are ready to apply this culture of not being afraid to do wrong but also having the ability and readiness to move on, it will go a long way to revolutionalize a class and make learning and teaching more simple and easy going.

However many critics have been made on  the apple culture and more hands points to the top management who is leaving behind the culture.

This reminds me of someone… Who is it?

The MSN reports that the Apple Culture is loosing its value under its leaders who are not very careful or who simply neglect some managerial issues. There have been so many complains by some experts that the systems destroys innovation and tell lies. All fingers point to the top, Tim Cook is blamed for all the problems that Apple is facing and for destroying the strength and impact of the Apple Culture. If the Culture get weaker and weaker.  Tim Cook is weakening the Apple Culture by abandoning the ” take no prisoner approachthat was propounded by Steve Jobs. The “no prisoner approach”  in this instance means that he is more employee friendly, and is beginning to neglect cost of production in order to satisfy employees.
Furthermore arguments have been raised concerning the creativity of Apple. And according to Dan Lyons creator of ” fake Steve ” blog  Apple is not innovative but simply makes a copycat of tablets. But, i will expound on that in my next post.

However, the influence of the Apple culture is still great and so many are still using it. For instance ACOT2, they still hold firm to the Apple Culture and they know that their class today will become a better class tomorrow if the hold on to the Apple Culture. According to them applying the Apple Culture is one road to success.