Climbing the mountain of Success – You can always do better!


Have you ever been wondering how successful people managed to get to where they are today? Surely, knowledge, talent, social background and connections play an important role. But what if I told you that you, the way you are today, could be just as successful?

I sometimes even wonder myself how in some periods of my young life I have managed all the things I did at the same time. And when looking back I realize that I hardly ever gave up any of my free time, I simply did not only have an amazing time management but also an extremely high motivation. I knew exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get it and was focusing on that.

Pushing yourself beyond limits

Tony Schwartz reveals in his post “How Hard Are You Willing to Push Yourself?” on the Harvard Business Review that the secret lays in motivation and tricking your brain into letting you push yourself beyond your limits.
One of the most interesting points I got out of Schwartz´ post is the fact that people need to be aware of the fact that they can always do better than their mind and body tells them, a principle which has been used in professional sports for centuries.

How to prevent procrastination – an alternative approach

An amazing blog concentrating mainly on personal efficiency, called “Asian efficiency” provides lots of interesting thoughts and ideas about this topic. One of the most appealing posts I have found was on a strategy to prevent procrastination as this is one of the main obstacles when it comes to productivity. “The Envision Film – A Simple Visualization Technique to Fight Procrastination” explains a completely new technique to prevent procrastination from arising which makes use of the first technique described by Psychologist Leif H. Smith who found “5 Basic Skills To Improve Performance in Work, Sport, or Life” and describes how and why they will improve performance.

Whereas most people generally talk about setting goals, writing to do lists and simply getting things done, Smith found various other approaches leading toward success.

6 Steps toward higher productivity

Logan Marshall describes his story of success in “How To Master Your Personal Productivity In 48 Hours” and gives step-by-step advice on how to improve productivity. One of his main arguments is that

“Top performers have the same mindset that I embraced during my competitive running career. They want it. And they’re willing to do ANYTHING it takes to get there.”

As these four experts in their fields, as well as many other people are arguing, all of us have a great potential, but hardly anyone ever fully lives up to it. One first step towards success is certainly believing in oneself and the ability to reach ones goals.
As this topic is of such great importance, whether you are a college student, struggling to study for finals or a top manager, overwhelmed by all the tasks which need to get done, high performance is certainly an ability which will take you far in your life!!