Apple- “Clean your iCloud.”

Dear Bloggers,

“Only when the last fish is gone, the last river poisoned, the last tree cut down…will mankind realize they cannot eat money.”
-Green Peace.

Green peace is an organisation that will stop at nothing till the environment is treated right. After a series of underground investigation into the activities of great energy users like Facebook and Apple, Green peace came to a conclusion that a riot against them was necessary. The problem is; Green peace realised that apple was using up so much coal as their source of energy but at the expense of the environment and so they decided to fight against the Apple Company.

It is coimagesmmon knowledge that the number of apple users has increased drastically since 1984 and taking for instance, just after 24hours of the release of apple iPhone five, it sold over 2000 pieces within the first twenty four hours. When it comes to sales,  Apple rules the market. In the area of innovation, Apple is at the top of the list. From the dawn of its creation, the word apple brings three big ideas into every mind: elegant, simple and innovative. The world seems to be following an Apple culture. But I will expound on that in my next post.Green Peace admires all this positive aspects and praises them for their good handy work in facilitating communication in our Global village( the world).

However, accoding to, the problem comes in from the fact that they use environmental destructive coal to support their clouds. It quite an indisputable fact that we all need the cloud to store emils, photos and music but this is at a very high cost. Their aim is not to eliminate the cloud but to have a coal free cloud. Green Peace wants  Apple to simply  switch to cleaner forms of  energy. In the world today, Solar energy, or wind energy which produces no green house gases and they think that it will be a better alternative for Appel. Thre are so many other ways suggested by Green Peace too. So early in 2012, Green Peace began open confrontations with the Apple Companies around the world. This was in vain for the first months but according to Gary Cook, Apple  decided to join the the coal free cloud and protect the environment. Furthermore, they have promised to make their whole data center green by 2013.

Greenpeace keeps fighting with other companies to eliminate environmental destruction. There is always hope for the living. I think Green peace have come a long way and they will be able to save our environment if they keep up their fight.

Nothing Good comes easily !!