Ever heard about ‘qipoqo’?
No? Well, then I’ll tell you something about it.

What’s about it?

Qipoqo is a new startup, founded by two entrepreneurs, called Celine and Saskia. Their idea was, to change the way, how to get things done. This startup should create a task swapping community.

This means, you change tasks you’re not good at with others you enjoy. So you help someone, by doing their tasks and also get your tasks done by someone else. That’s why they called it qipoqo, based on the Latin words: “quit pro quo”

Imagine a world, in which you can choose, which tasks you want to do and which not. And you don’t even have to pay for that. Everything is based on a virtual point system. Nice idea, right?

“The amount of points you attribute to a task is up to your judgment.”

It is said, that qipoqo is starting locally within Berlin but has the ambition to expand globally.

Join it

There is a beta version, that is about to be launched. So if you’re interested to join qipoqo you can sign up to get an invitation for the final beta version, as soon as it is available. I already did and I’m very curious.