Green Peace-True Friends of the environment!!!

Dear Bloggers,

“You never know who your true friends are until when you have problems. Some friends are so caring others are not. Sometimes, they come and go and you do not get new ones. Other times they come and go and then you get new friends that replace them and are just as nice as the first ones.”    

What’s my point ?

It all started billions of years ago with our fore-fathers the homosapien / apes who also had a similar attitude towards friendship. But the friendship am talking about is the friendship they had with the environment. They were the best friends to our environment, our earth. They were the first inhabitants of the earth and without being as intelligent as we are today, they took care of it and valued their friendship with the environment… Historians call them THE TRUE FRIENDS OF NATURE.
Then, came the computer age humans with their own idea of friendship A FREINDSHIP THAT COMES WITH A PRICE…


Going back to the industrial revolution there has been an increasing notice in environmental degradation caused by industrial activities that has led to production of dangerous gases like methane and carbon dioxide. Acknowledging the fact that humans have done much to improve the quality and beauty of our environment, earth. For instance, walking through the natural parks in Texas, Florida, India and Arizona you will be amaze at what humans can do to take care of the environment. But, the thing is, the harm humans cause on the other hand is of great proportion. Thus, many people have tried their best to explain the impact of human activity on environment, so many news stations are talking about it, others put up shows/movies about it and others are even singing about it.

The price is high. We exploited the earth and now we have to pay the price for our action. The increase in the carbon quantity in the atmosphere is causing global warming. We all know what it is and what it is caused by. We use old cars that emit alot of CO2; our industries release a lot of carbon that hurts our environment, the impact on our friend is so great, nitrogen oxides from chemical fertilisers. It is almost impossible to avoid the topic of global warming nowadays.

The heat is on ,What now?

Like I said before, the apes and homosapiens were friends to the environment and they too good care of it, maybe because they never knew how to destroy it or maybe they just did not have the technological know-how like we today. Well, the past is gone; the harm on the environment has been done already. The friendship between humans and mother earth is weakening and our environment is really hurt. So “Green Peace” thought about all of this and decided to take action.

Green Peace.

Green Peace is a global non-governmental organisation that started in 1971 and over forty offices in different countries around the world. With 2.9 million individuls supporters who provide funds for them and so they do not need funds from they Government, political parties and corporations .Green peace was created to promote environmental peace, stability and safety. Their functions include protecting the ocean, disarmament, reforestation, creating a toxic free future and encouraging agriculture.

They try to convince companies involved in emition of green house gases to reduce. For instance, in June 2011, they succesfully convinced Lego and Mattel to join thier “Detox Campaign” and by so doing reducing the  amount of pollution they caused to the environment. Also, in September 22, 2011, H&M and NIKE decided to give in to their detox campaign. For so long now the Chinese River Yangtze has been seriously polluted by many industries among which H&M AND NIKE are noted. These two and companies gave it a thought and have decided to work with the green peace organisation to reduce toxic waste through+out their supply chain.

Despite the passion and burning desire of the Green Peace organisation, they still have some problems like the dishonesty of some industries or the unwillingness of some companies to stop environmental destruction. For instance the Paper and Pulp industry cannot operate without destroying the environment. The facts of the matter is that this company depends on the trees for their survival, and if they dont use these tries, they will close down and this will have an adverse effect on the consumers. Also, industries like Nestle and  Koch are reluctant to cut down on their pollutions because it is quite costly to do so. But then again, comes a solution to this problem, carbon credits. This has enabled companies to buy the rights to produce green house gases in exchange for environmental protection in another area. So one ton of Carbon dioxide is equal to one carbon credit. The European Union is currently working on carbon credits to ensure that it is done appropriately.

Its our earth, its our plannet. If we do not take care of it who will?  Like our fore-fathers who were so passionante about the earth and everything that it stands for, so does Green Peace and many others. For i tell you solemly, after so many years of environmental degradation, the present organisations are working hard to re-establish the relationship that existed a long time ago. And that is what i implied in my opening quote by : “when old friends leave new ones come to take their place”
Due to the fact that: “charity begings at home”, i then ask you dear bloggers

What have you done for our environment?