How to use facebook for advertising – basics of Marketing

About 8 months ago a video started going viral on facebook as people started sharing it and recommended it to their friends. After not even one year, over 93 million people have watched the video, spreading its message. Although the intentions of the organization behind the “Kony 2012” video  were criticized, we can learn a lot about the effectiveness of facebook as a marketing tool through it.

Facebook is a great place to spread ideas and hypes; therefore it is important knowing how to use it in order to strive for competitive advantages.

Although social media allows for new ways of promoting things, the key concepts of marketing remain the same.

There are many different approaches of how to advertise new products or companies; some of which mainly concentrate on consumer satisfaction, or others mainly considering the company´s goals and profits.

A few basics of Marketing

One of the basic rules of marketing is that customers first need to be attracted to a certain product; therefore it needs to be somehow promoted. On a next step however, which is essential, customers need to be satisfied with their purchase; which means that the product they bought has to meet or, even better exceed their expectations.

Therefore it is important for companies to not set their customers´ expectations too high as this may lead to dissatisfaction. Nowadays, many companies even under-promise and over-deliver their products and include “delighters” in their product to achieve customer satisfaction better than their competitors.

Achieving Customer satisfaction

As Cameron Park states in his article  ; companies should always under promise and over deliver and therefore always exceed customer satisfaction with delighters.

Another interesting guideline on meeting customer satisfaction and turning a normal into a regular and loyal customer can be found here.  Robert Le Count, the author of the article puts his emphasis in his company merely on management and employees and integrated effort, versus the proposed customer orientation strategy by Cameron Park.

Surely, this is an important and interesting point. In a perfect company, not only customers, but also employees should be satisfied with the company and its products.

This is the best way of promoting a company, people spreading the word on how great it and its products are.

Using Facebook for advertisement

Facebook now even manages to allow companies combining the two different approaches: Direct advertising and advertising through satisfied customers as well as employees or so-called brand-ambassadors. The key word here is “Sponsored stories”

In his post “3 Best Practices for Facebook Sponsored Stories” Ernan Roman explains in detail how sponsored stories work and how to efficiently use them.

Today, it is understood for any company to set up a facebook profile or page, and this is also an important an essential first step to promote yourself or your products.

A nice picture or logo and a short description are all it needs to get started.

As this illustration from  Justin Lafferty shows, and as he also argues in hist post, reaching an audience through social networks has become quite a complex issue. However, the image also shows how efficient social networks can be. Therefore no one should miss out on the opportunities facebook and Co. have to offer. However, one needs to think about whether or not money should be invested into such marketing tools as sponsored stories, or whether a nice, attractive facebook page is not just enough to start out with.