Did you know that around 35 million people have to live with HIV globally? And about 22.7 million of them don’t even know that they are HIV-positive?

What is the connection between HIV & AIDS?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It can’t grow or reproduce on its own. Therefore they need to infect cells of a living organism. Usually our immune system finds and kills viruses very fast. But HIV attacks the immune system itself until it can no longer fight against other viruses. As soon as this status is reached, one says a person has AIDS. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is a medical condition. It’s said, if you leave HIV untreated, it takes around ten years to develop AIDS.

The latest statistics of the global HIV and AIDS epidemic were published by UNAIDS, WHO and UNICEF in November 2011, and refer to the end of 2010.

Is there a cure for AIDS?

Alarmingly many people still think that there is a cure for AIDS. There is not! But people can take antiretroviral treatment, which oppresses the HIV virus. This can help, that they won’t reach the point at which they are diagnosed with AIDS.

A new way of funding

In our times funding is very scarce and even declining. But to fight against AIDS and HIV funds are strongly needed! Otherwise it’s hard to finance campaigns all over the world that try to make people more aware of this very serious topic or to help people, who are living with HIV and AIDS.

Now there is a new idea: (dot)hiv !

What’s behind .hiv?

To understand the concept of .hiv I would recommend you to watch this video:

“So, long story short: operating and distributing the domains feeds the growing pool of funds and the Internet users activate this money with every click on a .hiv-domain.”

Market entry

DotHIV.org says that they will simultaneously to the networking in the social sector start the marketing of .hiv-websites. First they will cooperate with medical companies and those ‘with corporate social responsibility programs in the sector of HIV and AIDS’.

“By now, already 2.415 .hiv-domains have been pre-registered at united domains, one of Germany’s largest domain registrars.”

With the launch of the first .hiv-homepages in 2013, a media campaign will be initiated in Germany and the USA to establish dotHIV and .hiv-domains as new tools in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Got interested in this program? Want to support dotHIV? Here you can download flyers and stickers of the campaign. I’m looking forward to answering further questions.