Nivea, The Ultimate Solution.

  1. Have you ever been to the beach and felt embarrased because your skin is so dry?
  2. Do you ever feel that you look older than your age?
  3. Do you love shopping? Sometimes when you carry a lot of bags at the mall, your hands feel hard, right?
  4. What makes nivea the ultimate solution.

Dear Bloggers

We think people should pledge to be more connected with their loved ones, to hug more, to kiss more, to touch more which is towards the essence of our brand NIVEA.”
said Magnus Jonsson the Vice President of Beiersdorf AG at Grand Central Station New York City on 25/07/2011.

Magnus Jonsson (L-R)  Beiersdorf Vice President of Marketing Magnus Jonsson and Bill Graham, Beiersdorf President and General Manager USA attend the NIVEA 100 Years of Skincare for Life Lounge at Grand Central Station on July 25, 2011 in New York City.

Before i clerify you on the above four questions, i will like you to read a breif history about Nivea. Beiersdorf AG is a German company manufacturing skin care and cosmetic products. Among many of its product brands, nivea is one of the brands that have “stood the test of time". Nivea ,is a German product brand born in March 28,1882 by Carl Paul Beiersdorf. But it was only named in 1900, by Oscar Troplowitz. The name “nivea” which is derived from the latin word “niveus” meaning “snow-white.” The brand got international six years after with the first external company in London. It is still one of the leading body lotions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacifics, Middle East, North, Central and South America. Today, nivea alone has 28 products in 150 countries. Nivea celebrated 100 years of success last year, and so the big quetions are:

Question 1.

What are their business stragtegies?

  • First and foremost, the produce a variety of products of male and female products and also the baby products. These products are face care, mens care, sun care, lip care, body care, deodorants, nivea soft and nivea cream. From the list above you see that they target all age groups and they produce products for almost all parts of the body. This strategy gives them a upper hand against their competitors as they have a higher acquisition of the market. They capture the young as well as the old generation and they fulfill the needs of thei buyers. Furthermore, they have over the years improved the quality of their products.
  • Also, their products “cut across the different social classes”. This simply means that they are able to make their products affordable to both the rich and the poor. This implies that some products are quite expensive and can only be afforded by the rich while other products are cheap so that the middle class and even the poor can afford it. They also are in the habit of adding pop and football stars to their brand advertisement so as to increase their popularity.  According to the  NEWS, and i quote from here:
    To strengthen the brand’s association with the England football team and promote its message “Preparation is everything”, it’s offering the chance for amateur football teams to enter a competition, called the Great Football Experiment.”
  • Globalisation is another important strategy that has led to the success of Nivea brand. Like earlier said, they have extended their brand to 150 countries in the world. This alone is one of the most important strategy that has made them world wide succesful. This has helped to reduced the cost of advertisement to a great extend and has also reduced their risk over the years. Just by globalisation they have been able to craete their immortal presence in the minds of their readers. Thus, it can explain why they have been successful for a 100 years now.

Question 2.

What is the Value of Nivea?

  • Like any other skin care product Nivea is interested in caringg for the skin, moisturing and norishing the body. It protects the body from sun tan and prevents body odour.It is quite a realiable brand and it tries to keep a high quality so as to ensure a greater consumer satisfaction. For as long as they put their customers first and so they will continue to lead the market. Moreover, right now, there is a $5 discount for all those buying a Nivea Visage with an extra free Anti-wrinkle system. This is good news to old ladies especially.Here is an example of what Pammy  blogs Beauty says about Nivea
    Nivea wants your man to look and feel like a winner.
  • Futhermore, Nivea brand is not only concerned with the physical and external beauty but it also cares for intellectual beauty. It believes in the power of education and it aims at transforming several poor communities around the world. As a matter of fact, they extend “a helping hand” to poor countries around the world. And also build schools and provide food for the countries in need. They are assisting the poor in Canada and helping to built schools for the poor in Senegal.

Thier aim is to care and connect with others. They, try to solve physical drawbacks and replenish beauty but also to give hope to the poor and bring education closer to illiterates, hence the name “The Ultimate solution.”

To end it all, Nivea is also important to the economy. This is because in Germany alone, more than 19,130 poeple are employed. Thus reducing the rate of unemployment. It has a profit of £318 billion and it revenue £6,194billion. Looking at its profits and revenues, you can see there is a high degree of success. Also, this is good for the government because they also benefit from taxes paid to them.

Now, back to the beginning; to answer questions 1 to 3, i will simply say that, if you feel embarassed at the beach because of dry skin , or you feel that you look too old or get hard palms when you carry heavy bags at the mall, then you now know what to do do. Nivea presents you an answer and a solution to all the problems you are facing concerning skin care and more. This is a wonderful, special and highly recommended global skin care product for men, women and children.
As for question 4, Nivea celebrates its 101 year of existence this year. This implies that, it has recorded 36966 days of global success, 887184 hours of prosperity and unity, 53231040 minutes of global recognition and 3193862400 seconds of consumer satisfaction. It, is not an easy accoplishment because many other brands have come and gone but Nivea has stayed among the top skin care products for 101 years. To get more information, click here, you will be amazed with what you will find !!!

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